My Refinishing Services

Whether you need a simple touch-up, a complete refinishing or have a damaged floor needing special attention, I am up to the task. I have worked on some of the most treasured, antique, and ornate floors in Salt Lake, making repairs to unique floors with all sorts of woods. 

I have refinished floors in bungalows, condominiums, townhouses and homes all over the Salt Lake valley.  My dust-free sanding protects homes and furnishings, and my knowledge assures the best results possible.

Dust-Free Refinishing

There are many reasons why using my dust-free method is beneficial and a better way to refinish hardwood floors.

Dust generated during traditional refinishing can settle on furniture, walls, and other items in the room, causing damage or requiring additional cleaning. Dust-free refinishing eliminates this risk, protecting your home furnishings.

Traditional sanding methods generate a lot of dust, which can be harmful to your health and safety. The dust can cause respiratory problems and eye irritation, and it can also be a fire hazard. Dust-free refinishing reduces the amount of dust generated during the process, creating a safer and healthier environment.  You, and your pets, can breath easier with dust-free floor refinishing.

Traditional sanding methods also create a lot of mess and cleanup can be a hassle. Dust-free refinishing reduces the amount of dust generated during the process, resulting in a much cleaner and easier cleanup process.

Dust-free refinishing allows for a more precise and even sanding of the hardwood floor, resulting in a smoother and more consistent finish. It also allows the refinishing specialist to see the wood grain and color more clearly, resulting in a more accurate color match and a better overall finished product.

Dust-free refinishing can also save time as it eliminates the need for extensive cleaning after the sanding process. This means that the refinishing process can be completed more quickly and efficiently.

Overall, dust-free refinishing is a safer, cleaner, and more efficient way to refinish hardwood floors, resulting in a higher quality finished product.


There are several types of hardwood floor finishes to choose from, each with its own unique benefits and characteristics. I prefer the Swedish and Water Based finishes.  I can do Oil-modified Polyurethane or Wax finishes in special cases such as historical restorations. 

The Swedish or Acid Cure finish is known for its exceptional durability and resistance to wear and tear.  Swedish floor finish is ideal for high-traffic areas, as it is highly resistant to scratches, scuffs, and stains. It is also resistant to heat and chemicals, making it a popular choice for a long lasting floor that always looks great.  It is particularly good where spills and stains are likely to occur, and for homes with pets. This is the highest quality finish which I recommend most often.

Due to its fumes it is necessary to let it air out and to leave your home for a day or two once it is applied.

These finishes are environmentally friendly and dry quickly, making them a good option for those who want to minimize downtime during the refinishing process. They are resistant to yellowing and have a lower odor than oil-based finishes.

Water based finishes do not require you leave your home after they are applied.

This hardwood floor finish is reasonably durable and lasting.  It has may of the qualities of a paint, so it requires many days to cure and has a fairly strong odor for several weeks after it is applied.  I only recommend this finish for special circumstances or where required by historical districts to meet code.

Wax finishes provide a natural-looking, low-sheen finish that is soft to the touch. They are easy to apply and maintain, but are not highly durable and require constant attention, buffing and upkeep.  I only recommend a wax finish when it is absolutely necessary to match other wax finished floors.

It is important to choose a hardwood floor finish that is appropriate for your specific needs and preferences, as well as the type of wood and the amount of foot traffic the floor will receive. As your professional hardwood floor refinishing expert I can help guide you in choosing the best finish for your particular situation.

Before & After

Above are photos of a wood floor in need of refinishing. The grey color is simply dirt that has impregnated into the grain of the wood and easily is sanded out.

The same floor during the sanding process.
After 1 coat of finish.

These are normal humidity gaps that will appear during the dry season and disappear during Spring and fall.

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