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Dustless Refinishing

Restoring and refinishing a hardwood floor will add beauty and value to any home.  Years ago, the traditional methods for restoring hardwood floors were messy and created large amounts of dust.

The new, more modern technology that we use is a dust free process which contains the dust, removing airborne particles into a powerful, self-contained vacuum system.

Why use the dust free system? 
1.    Keeping dust particles out of your furnace and duct work.
2.    Minimizes the amount of dust that needs to be cleaned up after the work is completed.

3.    Speeds up the process by eliminating the need for isolating the area to be sanded. 
4.    Creates a higher quality end product because there is no airborne dust to settle back into the      
       final finish.

There are three main types of finishes, acid cure, water based, and oil modified. All have distinct characteristics and advantages. Most brands are available in at least three sheens, high gloss, semi gloss, and satin. The major differences are in durability and appearance.

Acid cure finish is the most durable finish on the market today. On a scale of 1 to 10  acid cure would rate10, oil modified would rate 6 and most water based finished about a 4.

Oil modified finish appears to have a higher build than either acid cure or water base. The grain of the wood can still be seen through water base and acid cure when looking on an angle in the glare of the light.

Even though odor during application does not effect the long term characteristics of the finished job it can be a major concern. Water based and oil modified finish have an odor during application but not significant enough to warrant the use of a respirator or to have clients leave the home. Acid cured finish is a formaldehyde alcohol base carrier that is highly toxic until cured. Most clients plan to leave the home for at least one night after application and sometimes as many as three nights.


Sanding a floor with the dustless system.


Above are photos of a wood floor in need of refinishing. The grey color is simply dirt that has impregnated into the grain of the wood and easily is sanded out.

The same floor during the sanding process.

After 1 coat of finish.

These are normal humidity gaps that will appear during the dry season and disappear during Spring and fall.

The old fashoned method of "dustless" refinishing.
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